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Offered in partnership with The Prudential Insurance Company of America, the SEIU Financial Wellness Program provides articles and videos to help members live well today and plan for tomorrow—at no cost to you.

  • checkTake a Financial Wellness Assessment to see how you’re doing.
  • checkAccess a Financial Roadmap to help you plan for the future.
  • checkLearn how to balance saving and spending, manage debt and plan for retirement.
  • checkGet tips for investing in your family’s future.
  • checkSee how to maximize workplace benefits
  • checkLearn to balance relationships and money


Explore how well you spend, save and protect your money and assets—then get tips on how to do better


Save and invest

Gain new insights on ways to manage and grow your wealth, making strong financial decisions to achieve your goals. Learn about inflation, managing financial stress, setting smart goals and more.

Manage debt

Borrowing and repaying debt to reach goals is part of modern life. Find tools and tactics to build balance in between. Learn about student loans, saving for college, mortgages, credit and more.

Prepare for the unexpected

Be ready for whatever life throws your way. Learn how a little planning and care can go a long way in securing your peace of mind. Learn about life insurance, disability insurance, using your FSA, HRA or HSA, naming beneficiaries and more.

Plan for retirement

Whether it’s a few years or many decades away, make sure you’re using the best ways to prepare for a secure and happy future–while still enjoying your life today. Learn about compound interest, retirement planning by decade, social security, Medicare and more.


Start your journey on the road to better financial health with the SEIU Financial Wellness Program

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to your SEIU Member Benefits account.
  2. Select “Get Started” to visit the Financial Wellness Assessment and financial wellness articles on the Prudential website. There are many articles about financial wellness that you can read, as well as an assessment you can take to see how financially well you are.
  3. To take the assessment, click on “Start Assessment.” You’ll find out how to get closer to achieving your goals and get a personalized action plan based on your answers.

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