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SEIU Accident and Injury Insurance Plan

Get coverage for out-of-pocket costs that health insurance may not cover

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SEIU Accident and Injury Insurance Plan


Get added peace of mind with affordable insurance coverage through the SEIU Accident & Injury Insurance Plan

  • checkHelp cover all types of expenses that may arise from an accident
  • checkGuaranteed acceptance—no pre-existing condition limitations
  • checkCovers your spouse, domestic partner and children as well


The SEIU Accident & Injury Insurance Plan can help protect your family’s health and financial well-being.


Be prepared for the unexpected

An emergency room visit can cost between $1,200 to $1,300. Family Standard coverage costs less than $15 a month and can help you manage unexpected medical expenses. More than 24% of emergency room visits in 2020 were attributed to accidents.1

Choose the plan that’s right for you

The SEIU Accident & Injury Insurance Plan offers a choice of two benefit plans—Enhanced and Standard.

Help reduce out-of-pocket costs

Your coverage helps pay for medical services (X-rays, Emergency Room visits, physical therapy, etc.) and equipment (canes, walkers, etc.) often not fully covered by health insurance.

Payments come directly to you

The SEIU Accident & Injury Insurance Plan pays out a benefit in addition to other coverage you may own. Coverage does not require evidence of insurability and there are no pre-existing condition limitations. Payment is based on proof of treatment, not proof of diagnosis, and rates are not age-based.2

Choose the Right Plan

Review the full list of benefits using this Outline of Coverage Chart. Use the sample benefit chart below to help determine whether the benefits supplied by the Enhanced or Standard plan is right for you.

Type of Loss



Emergency Room Visit









Burn (2nd degree, 35% or more)



Wrist or Ankle Fracture (closed)



Hip Dislocation (closed)



Eye Surgery




Get a quote or enroll in the SEIU Accident & Injury Insurance Plan today.

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to your SEIU Member Benefits account.
  2. Select the “Enroll Now” button above to launch your secure portal within the Prudential Insurance Company of America website.
  3. Complete the application and select ”Submit.”
  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive your insurance verification kit, and hard copies of certificates of coverage will be mailed to you for your records.

Additional Information

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - National Center for Health Statistics, https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/accidental-injury.htm. Accessed April 2023.

2. The insured must submit a bill or evidence for treatment for each service to receive payment.

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The SEIU Accident & Injury Insurance Plan partners with The Prudential Insurance Company of America (issuer) and Association Member Benefits Advisors, LLC (Third Party Administration).

This coverage is not health insurance coverage (often referred to as “Major Medical Coverage”).

This type of plan is NOT considered “minimum essential coverage” under the Affordable Care Act and therefore does NOT satisfy the individual mandate that you have health insurance coverage.

SEIU Accident Insurance coverage is a limited benefit policy issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a Prudential Financial Company, Newark, NJ. Prudential's Accident Insurance is not a substitute for medical coverage that provides benefits for medical treatment, including hospital, surgical, and medical expenses, and it does not provide reimbursement for such expenses. The Booklet-Certificate contains all details, including any policy exclusions, limitations, and restrictions, which may apply. If there is a discrepancy between this document and the Booklet-Certificate/Group Contract issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, the Group Contract will govern. Please contact Prudential for more information. Contract provisions may vary by state. Contract Series: 83500.