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life insurance

Are you evaluating your goals and your life insurance needs?

Are you evaluating your goals and your life insurance needs?

Your world’s not the same at 25 as it is at 35. Or 45.
Your goals may change. Your family responsibilities can grow, and new and unexpected risks can arise. So you may want to think about life insurance protection for the life you live today, while keeping an eye on the challenges ahead.

Purchasing life insurance issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America, is an important decision. But once you make your initial life insurance purchase, your job may not be done. There are many factors in your life that can influence how much coverage you may need to have, and these factors can change as your lifestyle changes.

Where are you in your stage of life? Compare where you are and where you’re going with the needs required with each stage. If you haven’t considered whether your insurance coverage meets your needs lately, this may serve as a helpful reminder of the expenses your loved ones may be faced with and why life insurance is so important.

Single without children – You may need life insurance to help pay off any outstanding debt you may have, such as credit cards, student loans, or car loans, as well as funds to pay for your funeral costs.

Married with dependent children – If you died, your spouse may need financial help not only to settle your affairs, but also may need an amount equal to several years’ worth of your income to replace the money you previously brought into the household, and to help fund current and future living and educational expenses.

Divorced or remarried – Divorce settlements may require that a specific amount of life insurance coverage be maintained for a former spouse. That amount could be higher if dependent children are involved. Should you remarry, you may also want to consider an insurance amount that would meet your current spouse’s needs as well. The amount of coverage may need to increase if you had children from your first marriage as well as from a second marriage.

Married and retired with no dependent children – Many people may feel that their insurance needs decline as they age, but in many cases an insurance benefit can serve as a way to preserve your estate. You may want to consider helping to provide retirement security to your spouse with a new or increased life insurance coverage amount. With the right planning, your spouse may use your life insurance benefit to help live comfortably in retirement, as you always planned.

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You work hard. Make sure you have a plan in place to help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. Make sure your family can go on living the life you want for them, even after you’re gone.

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