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Easy Pay Program Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of buying from Square Deal Market?
Ease, responsibility, and affordability to get the things members need through a worry-free, interest-free, disciplined, pay-over-time plan. Square Deal Market teamed up with SEIU Member Benefits to bring you this simple tool to help you manage your budget as needs arise. You no longer need to stress over things like your ability to make larger purchases, your credit score or the expensive cost of compounding interest debt.

No Interest or Credit Score Check, What’s the catch?
It’s true. Square Deal Market doesn’t charge interest or finance fees, ever, and Square Deal Market doesn’t use credit bureaus to check credit scores. Square Deal Market can do this because of the partnership with SEIU Member Benefits. They have your back and it allows Square Deal Market to underwrite members on a group basis vs. an individual basis.

Can anyone shop in the Square Deal Market?
No. Shoppers must be members of SEIU and be eligible to participate in this shopping advantage.

How do I know if I’m eligible under the benefit plan?
You are eligible if:

  • You are an active member of your organization
  • You are 18 years of age
  • Your minimum annual income level is $18,000
  • You are actively employed at the time of purchase

Why would my Organization help me out?
SEIU values your commitment to making your lives and your communities better. They know you work hard to get the things you need for you and your family. Providing a responsible, just-in-time budgeting tool helps you potentially save hundreds of dollars in interest and finance charges a year and it allows you to quickly pay off your bills so you can afford more without the formidable challenge of compounding interest.

How do I know what my credit limit is?
Simply enroll. Square Deal Market will immediately let you know what your credit limit is. Your credit limit is normally based on your annual income level. Square Deal Market tries to ensure that you have enough spending limit to help, but not too much to get in trouble. Square Deal Market generally keep your payments well below less than 5% of your paycheck.

How are my payments calculated?
This is determined by a number of factors including Square Deal Market’s relationship with suppliers/manufacturers and product supply. Square Deal Market’s goal is to couple a great price with an affordable, interest free, pay-over-time solution so you can get what you need without adding the cost and stress of credit card interest.

What happens to my payment plan if I return something?
If an item is returned Square Deal Market will refund any payments to your account and cancel the installment loan for that product.

Can I pay in full at time of purchase?

What if something costs $1,000 but my credit limit is only $500?
Square Deal Market allows you to create a payment plan up to your credit limit. The remainder can be paid for at time of purchase using a separate form of payment.

Can I choose a shorter term loan?
Absolutely. Square Deal Market recommends paying off your purchases as quickly as affordably possible for your budget. The faster you pay back the loan, the faster you have more available credit for your next purchase. Not ready to make another purchase? That’s okay. You at least know that the money is there when you need it.

Is there a penalty to pay-off early?

Do you report my credit to credit bureaus?
No. Square Deal Market does not use bureaus to check credit scores and Square Deal Market does not report your credit or payment performance to any bureaus. Square Deal Market may use various services to validate information that you provide to us, such as who you are and where you work.

What happens if I don’t pay or miss a payment?
Like all purchases you make, Square Deal Market expects to be paid in full. If Square Deal Market notice you missed a payment, Square Deal Market may remind you by email, phone or text. Missed payments will result in a fee of $25 (or lower amount as dictated by law in certain jurisdictions). Also, should Square Deal Market be charged any additional fees by your bank or processor for the missed payment, then Square Deal Market will add those to your next payment. You can always make up missed payments by going to the Make a Payment Page within your MyAccount area online.

Can I have multiple payment plans outstanding at one time?
Yes. As long as you have available credit and meet other guidelines of the program, you can have multiple payment plans.

Can my shipping address be different from my billing address?
Not at this time, but Square Deal Market is busily working to make this available soon.

Are my items taxed?
Yes. Square Deal Market collect and remit taxes based on your home billing address and as required by Federal and State law.

Is shipping Free?
Square Deal Market discounts shipping as much as possible, but it is not free.

What is your return policy?
This varies by merchandise type and manufacturer. Please inspect your product immediately upon delivery and contact Square Deal Market at should you be unsatisfied. Agents will be happy to assist you with your concerns.

Can I get assistance placing an order?
Square Deal Market has attempted to make it easy to place your order on line. In the event you need assistance placing your order, you can call the customer service department at: 800-697-0002. They are open 9am to 9pm CST Monday through Friday or email at any time:

What if I lost my Username and/or Password?
Usernames and passwords can be updated at the Square Deal Market homepage or by contacting

Can I see my order history and status of my loan balances?
Yes. This information is made available to you on-line after you sign-in and click on the MyAccount page.

What if I want to change my bank account information?
You can simply go online and make those changes on your bank profile section in the MyAccount page.

Can I suggest products that you don’t carry?
Sure. Email Square Deal Market would love hearing about what you’re looking for so Square Deal Market can try to provide the best assortment of products available for you.

How does Square Deal Market protect my security?
Square Deal Market is fully PCI Compliant, and conducts routine security audits.

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