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U.S. Legal Services

SEIU Legal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the SEIU Legal Plan and how is it different than other types of legal plans?

A: Attorneys can be expensive. Their services can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. The SEIU Legal Plan is designed to make quality attorneys more accessible and affordable. In exchange for a monthly plan contribution, the SEIU Legal Plan provides access to its network of attorneys and pays the full cost of your attorney’s fees. It is different from other plans in that there is no deductible or co-payments for items covered under your plan.

Q: Who is eligible to enroll in the SEIU Legal Plan?

A: This legal plan is available to SEIU members only. To enroll, you must be registered with SEIU Member Benefits.

Q: Who is the administrator of the SEIU Legal Plan?

A: SEIU Member Benefits has partnered with U.S. Legal Services to bring to you the SEIU Legal Plan. U.S. Legal Services has been providing legal benefit plans for over 40 years. Together, they have crafted one of the most comprehensive legal benefit plans on the market that is available to SEIU Members only.

Q: Are my spouse and children also covered under my plan?

A: All the benefits provided to you under the plan are also provided at no extra cost to your spouse or domestic partner, and all dependent children up to age 26.

Q: I don’t plan on being sued or charged with a crime. Why would I need an attorney?

A: Almost anyone can benefit from enrolling in a legal plan because there are several common situations that occur in a person’s life where they could benefit from the use of an attorney. Whether it is starting a family, buying or selling a home, or making sure your assets are in place in case something happens, having affordable access to an attorney can be invaluable.

Q: What attorney services are provided with my plan?

A: The SEIU Legal Plan covers several items including advice and consultation, family law, traffic violations, criminal matters, financial matters, civil lawsuits, estate planning, and more. The plan also provides 1/3 off an attorney’s standard fees for any item that is not fully covered under the plan. To view a full list of covered items, see the coverage chart on the SEIU Legal Plan overview page.

Q: Am I locked into the SEIU Legal Plan for a certain period once I enroll?

A: You can cancel your legal plan at any time by providing 30 days cancellation notice. You may not be eligible to re-enroll after cancellation for up to 12 months after the cancellation date.

Q: What happens after I enroll in the SEIU Legal Plan?

A: Your legal plan will become effective the following day after you enroll. You will be sent a welcome package that includes your policy documents and instructions on how to utilize your plan. The welcome package will be delivered to the email address you provide on your enrollment application.

Q: Are there any other benefits included with my SEIU Legal Plan?

A: Outside of the standard coverages offered in the plan, each person that enrolls will also receive membership to an Identity Theft Fraud Restoration Program at no cost. Plan members will also be given access to an online member resources portal that includes several “Do it Yourself” legal forms.

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