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SEIU Free College testimonial from Denee

SEIU Free College Benefit Testimonial


For years, I worked the same dead-end job. I had dreams of doing bigger and better things with my life, but I felt stuck. I always aspired to go to college but with working a fulltime job, being a breadwinner, and paying bills; when did I have the time? Because, of financial obligations and responsibilities, I saw no way out. But, one day, I decided to take a chance and step out on FAITH and change my career path. I’m so glad I did, my new job was rewarding and I was meeting new people; and things were finally looking up.

It was through my job that I learned about the union benefits. After that it wasn’t long before amazing opportunities started coming my way. I received an email one day that said I qualified for a free college benefit as an SEIU Union Member. Now those dreams that I had placed on hold, so long ago could finally come into fruition. Just a quick phone call and filling out some paperwork and voilà, I was now a college student. The moment I embarked on a new journey and choose another path completely change my life’s trajectory.

In just a short year I’ve already taken 9 classes and by the end of this semester I will have 28 credits in total; all while maintaining a 3.59 GPA. By this time next year, I should be well on my way to receiving my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts; me someone who thought college was out of reach. If I can do it, so can you. What are you afraid of? Whatever excuses you’re telling yourself, quit listening to them. Maybe I’m too old, I’m a single parent, I don’t have time, I have way too many bills, I just can’t afford it. I had every excuse as well, you’re not too old, your time has not passed, you do have time, and you can afford it, because it’s free.

SEIU is investing in you, and your future and now it’s time that you do the same! Remember you can do anything you set your mind too, you will never know if you don’t try; see just how far you can go! Seize the moment! What are you waiting for? Time is of the essence. Start taking the classes and be on your way to your degree. In just a few months or as little as two years. They have several different certification programs available also, the possibilities are endless! I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds!


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