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A New Way for SEIU Members to Find Exclusive Shopping Discounts

See your savings—and your cash-back earnings—add up with specially negotiated SEIU discounts on everything from restaurants and clothing to electronics and more through our new SEIU Discount Marketplace.

By SEIU Member Benefits

As a member of SEIU, you deserve to be rewarded with special shopping discounts. That’s why we’ve created a brand-new SEIU member benefit…

Our SEIU Discount Marketplace has specially negotiated online shopping deals, many exclusively for SEIU members, on everything from dining certificates and clothing to housewares and electronics, from thousands of retailers. We’re updating these offers regularly, so be sure to check back often!

This benefit is powered by Rakuten, the popular online shopping platform, so you’ll also earn cash back when you make purchases. You can receive your cash back quarterly either via a check or PayPal. This is money that comes back to you, and you can then spend it however and wherever you like.

How it works
1. On the SEIU Discount Marketplace page, you can see all of the deals that are available. Exclusive, limited-time deals for SEIU members are featured at the top of the deals section.
2. Browse the offers by scrolling or using the filters on the left side of the page. You can sort deals by cash-back amount or by store name.
3. You’ll see the cash-back amount being offered by the retailers. When you find a deal you like, click the box it’s in to access it.
4. NOTE: You’ll need to be logged in on this website to access the special SEIU discounts, so if you aren’t already, you’ll be prompted to do so.
5. Clicking the offer box will take you to the retailer’s site, where you’ll earn the cash-back amount offered when you make a purchase.
6. Come back and check SEIU Discount Marketplace often. The deals can come and go quickly, and you don’t want to miss out.

What kind of discounts can I find here?

We’re frequently updating our SEIU Discount Marketplace offers in conjunction with a variety of popular retailers. For example, on any given day, you may find a deal to get yourself some comfortable shoes from New Balance; a flash offer on dining certificates from; discounts on laptops from Dell; sales on clothing from Macys; and much more.

And at the top of the page, you’ll always find the exclusive deals of the month that we’ve negotiated just for SEIU members.

Can I use these discounts in stores?

These special deals have been specially negotiated for all SEIU members to use while shopping online. Because these discounts are for SEIU members only, you must access them through, on the SEIU Discount Marketplace page.

How can I get my discount?

Log in to (create an account if you haven’t already), and search SEIU Discount Marketplace to find a deal you’re interested in. You’ll see the cash-back percentage the retailer is offering when you shop through SEIU Discount Marketplace.

Click the box to be taken to the retailer’s site so you can qualify for cash-back earnings on your purchase.

What if I already have a Rakuten account?

If you have an existing Rakuten account with an email address that’s different from the one you use to log into, you can create a new Rakuten account via SEIU Discount Marketplace. You can choose to maintain two accounts, or you can contact Rakuten’s member service center to consolidate your accounts. 

Please note that it’s best to consolidate your accounts under the email address you use with as your primary account. That way, you’ll ensure you’re eligible for the exclusive offers that are available to SEIU members only through SEIU Discount Marketplace.

How can I get my cash-back earnings?

When you shop through SEIU Discount Marketplace, your cash-back earnings for each purchase will be reported back by the retailer. As you shop throughout the quarter, your cash-back total will build. Once per quarter, you’ll receive your cash-back reward either via a check or PayPal.

How can I help my fellow union members get these discounts?

Share this information with your colleagues so they can take advantage of these exclusive SEIU member benefit discounts. The easiest way is to click the “social share” buttons, which you can find at the top of this page as well as at the top of the SEIU Discount Marketplace page.

Can my family and friends use this shopping benefit?

Only SEIU members are eligible to participate directly in SEIU Discount Marketplace, powered by Rakuten. However, once you’ve established your account, you can use Rakuten’s Refer-A-Friend program, which provides a monetary bonus to both the referring member and the referred individual. You can find more details about how the program works on Rakuten’s website.

Any people you refer who aren’t SEIU members can shop through Rakuten directly, but they won’t be able to shop through SEIU Discount Marketplace or take advantage of the deals we’ve specially negotiated for SEIU members.

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